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October 11, 2013
by ashanyaf

5/6 Camp

On the 18th of September the year 5/6 went on school camp to Anglesea recreation camp. When we got to the camp we met Chelsea and talked about what we were going to do at the camp and what to expect. One of my favourite activities was the Giant Swing.

The giant swing is 18 meters tall and you go up to about16 meters. You had to wear a harness which was very complicating. Then when it was my turn I had to sit on a ladder. Then the instructor would clip a rope to my harness that would keep me safe.

My team mates had to support me by pulling a rope that would pull me up to the top. Then the instructor told everyone to give a count down. By the time they already said two I was like freaking out and they one I was so scared that I couldn’t pull the string.

I tried and tried then I used both hands and got the shock of my life. After a few swings I could see a river and houses I could see the yabbying group. I felt lie I was Tarzan. It was so much fun.

When I got down I was so scared I could hardly move but I would say it was the best experience and I would love to do it again.

By Ashanya

October 11, 2013
by ignatiusc

Anglesea recreation camp


On the 18th of September, all the 5/6s went to camp at the Anglesea Recreation Camp. When everyone arrived at school, we put all of our bags and sleeping bags in the bus and we boarded the bus to go to Anglesea. When we reached there after a one and a half hour drive, we unloaded the bags and sleeping bags from the bus to an empty space in front of the dining room.


After that we had a little talk about the safety rules and regulations about the camp, we played a game called GAGA, it was very fun and all you had to do is to hit the ball into other peoples legs and you have to try to avoid the ball from hitting your legs.


After everyone had a go at the game we brought our bags to our cabins to get ready for the activities. I was in group 2 therefore we were doing archery and rock climbing first. Both of the activities were very fun!


After the rock climbing, we went to wash up for dinner. After shower, we had some free time and then we went for dinner. After dinner, we did camp’s got talent and it was very fun! After that we went to our cabins to get ready for bed time.


The next day we had breakfast and then we went for our activities. My group went to low ropes first then giant swing, yabbying then canoeing.

My favourite activity was canoeing.


After the activities, we had a shower and then dinner. After dinner we had a night walk and it was very long walk. When we came back to the camp we got ready to go to bed.


The next day my group could go for another go at another activity because when we did the rock climbing, all the other groups didn’t get to go for their activity because it was raining.


After we went for the activity it was time to go back to school.






August 20, 2013
by ashanyaf
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IGA Week 3

This week our topic is “Knowing your product, trade and service” so our questions are based around the topic like every other session. When we got there we asked our questions to Helen (Marc’s Workmate) and she answered them for us. Then we had to put prices on products and the put them up on shelf. After that we had to go looking on the shelves to see if any products had already expired because Ritchies always sell fresh products. Then we went to Marc’s office and found out about how different departments work even better to sell their product. Later we learnt how to operate a cash register. Apparently you have to learn a lot of codes for every single product. Before we left we put some other products to put om the shelf.

We had a lot of fun and can’t wait till our next session.

By Lara,  Ashanya, Darren and Josh

August 8, 2013
by alicer

Australia Post- Week 2

On the 6th of August, our group- The post office- went to our business to find out some more information, only this time we learned about the ‘Nuts and Bolts’ of a business. When we were walking over there, we saw a man in a white van collecting the mail from Australia Post. This fascinated us and we were very excited to go inside.

We got to go into the manager David’s office to check out a few things. He showed us an educational website that Australia Post made. It showed a lot of things and you could even email a football star!

Overall, we think we learned a lot more than last week and we can’t wait until next week when we find out about ‘Retail and Service’.

By Alice, Sabrina, Samir and Joseph

August 1, 2013
by ignatiusc
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New Wave Systems

On the 29th of July, Raymond, Aaron, Joe and Ignatius went to New Wave Systems! We started walking there at around 9:20am and arrived there at 9:30am and we were amazed at the store because it was not what we expected it to be. We asked the questions that we wrote and the manager answered them. He also told us some stories about his business.

We also got to use IMacs and he showed us a computer’s RAM, what it does and how to install it. We thought it was awesome that he showed us the insides of a computer. He let us install a RAM into a computer and showed us his security system. RAM is the part of the computer that makes it faster and that when there is more space so the computer is more efficient.

The Manager showed us what hard drive does and that a hard drive collects everything done on the computer, he also said that even if you shoot the computer and no damage is done to the hard drive and the data on the computer is safe.

We really enjoyed our first visit to New Wave Systems and all of us can’t wait to go again!!


By Raymond, Aaron, Joe and Ignatius





June 26, 2013
by martinx

Term 2 Inquiry expo.

Our final presentation for our year 5/6 term 2 inquiry project based on “Earth and Beyond” was completed on Monday June 24th. Parents and students all enjoyed checking out our presentations on different science studies. I presented with a powerpoint, an information report and an experiment all based on the study Physics. Overall the expo was a great success.

June 26, 2013
by camila

5/6’s Expo Day

On Monday the 24th all the 5/6s presented their inquiry topic, to the 3/4s and parents. This term for my inquiry I chose to research on Tsunamis. I found out lots of information at the start of the term and later on I found lots of information about tsunamis. For my Poster and diorama I laid out materials that I could use to present and make my topic. When people came to my table I showed them, my diorama and explain how it works and read them out my explanation and some information. I used my negotiated task sections in my homework book to find out more information! In the end I enjoyed the whole thing and I learnt lots of information and I got lots of people to coming to my table. I hope they learned something new like I did.  By Camila


June 26, 2013
by lachydc

Term 2 Reflection






During term 2, all senior school students had an inquiry topic about the earth to study.

My inquiry project was about ocean waves and tsunamis. Over the term I had heaps of fun while at the same time learnt heaps of fun and interesting facts. At the end of the term we had an expo day where we shared all our information to parents and the 3/4s.

I made a poster, an explanation, a short animated movie and an ocean in a bottle:

An ocean in a bottle is an experiment that demonstrates how the waves would work in the ocean.  


My presentation turned out really well and I felt great

By Lachy

June 26, 2013
by biancas

Inquiry- Earth and Beyond…

This Term, we have been working on our Inquiry projects based on our Inquiry topic, Earth and Beyond. For my topic, I chose to learn about and work on Tornadoes. I presented my project by making a poster, creating an experiment and writing an explanation on how Tornadoes are formed. On the 24th of June, the whole 5/6 Level had a learning expo in our classrooms to show off our brilliant projects to the 3 /4 classes and any parents, teachers or friends who wanted to come in and have a look around. It went really well!! I hope that lots of people enjoyed our expedition and I hope that everyone who came learnt something new that they never knew before about Earth and Beyond!!

By Bianca


Me with my poster and expirement!





June 26, 2013
by ignatiusc

my inquiry project

my power point

On Monday june 24 the 5/6 had an expo for our inquiry project. I did mine on dendrology which is a scientist who studies trees. I presented my power point to a few parents and 3/4s. I think that all the 5/6’s did a very good job at the expo.

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