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August 26, 2013
by torid

The Chicken Experts Week 4

On the 19th of August, Tori, Luke, Sarah, Josh and Mr Dennis went to our inquiry buisness to ask questions. But this week we unfortunately didn’t get to talk to Carrie (who owns the shop) who normally comes to answer the questions. She was sadly sick and her partner who owns the shop was very busy cooking and cleaning to prepare for the shop before a 10:30 am open.

To make the best out of our visit we decided to take lots of photos of their shop and their achievements. After getting lots of photos we decided to start planning how we were going to present at our big inquiry expo.

Altogether we had lots of fun taking photos and talking about the presenting part of our big project. We all can’t wait to meet up with Carrie again next week.

By Tori, Luke, Sarah and Josh

August 15, 2013
by torid

The Chicken Experts Week 3

On the 12th of August Tori, Luke, Sarah, Josh and Mr Dennis (Doug). This week’s topic was about knowing your product and trade. As always we had prepared some questions to ask. We were all really excited!

Once we arrived we talked about where they get all their products from, it was all quite interesting. Once we had a chat about that we went on with our questions. We had 10 questions prepared like usual and all were answered. Some of the facts we got from the answers were the skills you need to work at their business were retail, cooking and how to handle food.  We also found out that it is illegal to work under the age of 15. They also said they have only once had a boy work at their business at age of 15.

After some great answers we got to some chores and helped clean the glass cabinets and tabletops. We used a few different chemicals and there were specific cloths for different places. Luke and Sarah cleaned the glass cabinets and Tori and Josh did the table tops. After a job well done everything was shining bright. We were really happy about ourselves.

Overall we had a great time and we are really grateful to have had this experience. We would also like to thank Mr Dennis (Doug).

By Tori, Luke, Sarah and Josh

August 9, 2013
by torid

Chicken Experts – Week 2

On the 5th of August Luke, Tori, Sarah, Josh and Mr Dennis (Doug) went to the “Chicken Experts” in our local area as part of our inquiry. Our inquiry this term is about how a business works. This week’s session’s topic was about the nuts and bolts of their business. We couldn’t wait to start the session!

Once we arrived we got into business and started talking about the nuts and bolts. We found out a lot of information in this session but some of the facts we got just stood out form the others. We all had to agree that fact though was that they sell around one hundred chickens a day. This meant they had to have the chickens freshly delivered each morning before the store opened. We also found out that they have a few goals for their business to manage their costs as best as they can and provide the best quality food as possible.

Altogether we really enjoyed our session and are grateful to be given this experience. We would also like to thank Mr Dennis (Doug) for taking us.

By Luke, Tori, Sarah and Josh.

August 1, 2013
by torid

The Chicken Experts

On Monday the 29th of July Sarah, Luke, Tori, Josh and Mr Dennis (Doug) went to “The Chicken Experts” in Hamilton Place, Mt Waverley as part of our Inquiry. Our Inquiry topic is about how a business works. Our big question is “How does our community work together to ‘make cents’”?  We talked to Carrie (shop owner) for our first lesson. In this lesson we think we successfully made a relationship with the owner of the store. This lessons topic was about OHS (occupational, health and safety).

For this lesson we had prepared some questions to ask. Fortunately we had them all answered . We all thought the answers we were given were great. After getting all the answers we got a tour of the shop. Our favourite part was seeing the deep fryer pressure cooker. This fryer was different to a normal fryer because it had a lid. Carrie had told us there a lot of different temperatures they had for different machines, we found that all really interesting. To record our findings we used a topic wheel. To make sure we got the most out of our trip we had to use our listening and talking skills.

Altogether it was a great day and we all had a lot of fun and can’t wait to have our next lesson!

As group we would also like to thank Mr Doug Dennis for taking us.

By Sarah, Luke, Tori and Josh

June 26, 2013
by torid
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Inquiry Expo!

On the morning of June 24th there was a Inquiry Expo. It was lots of fun presenting our work to all the parents and students. For inquiry I did volcanology. I had fun showing my project and volcano model. It was also fun helping my broken armed friend with her experiment. It was cool watching my volcano attempt to erupt. When we were trying to build and create our  posters or models I thought it was great!

Pesenting my work!

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