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September 1, 2013
by ashanyaf
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IGA Week 5

On the 28th of August Lara, Darren, Ashanya and Josh W went to IGA. This week our topic was advertising and marketing. Marc taught us that it is not Ritchies who make the ads but it is the people who give IGA the products who make up the lines. He also taught us that IGA rarely does ads. The way they create ads is by finding a catchy line and then finding someone who a lot of people in the public know.

Then he introduced us to Bruce who is a rep. from Berttochi. He is a little bit different to Karen. He is also a marketer. Bruce told us that he comes to IGA and looks at IGA’s  products to see if there is enough Berttochi. He has worked for Berttochi for 6 or 7 years and at another place at 20 years. He said that he stopped working at the first place that he worked at because they only supplied 30% of the products requested by businesses. For example if IGA requested 100 products his old business would only provide 30 products. Then if another brand provided the same products but with 100% IGA would get it from another brand and not from the brand which could only provide 30% of IGA’s request.

Then Marc asked us to face up his products in the deli because the boss of IGA Fred Harris is coming in. He only comes once a year so everyone in the store was rushing around so that it would look nice. We were so excited because this is a very rare experience. Then Marc told us that Fred’s visit was delayed so we had to go.

Despite the disappointment it was still a great trip!

By Ashanya, Lara, Josh W and Darren

August 20, 2013
by ashanyaf
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IGA Week 3

This week our topic is “Knowing your product, trade and service” so our questions are based around the topic like every other session. When we got there we asked our questions to Helen (Marc’s Workmate) and she answered them for us. Then we had to put prices on products and the put them up on shelf. After that we had to go looking on the shelves to see if any products had already expired because Ritchies always sell fresh products. Then we went to Marc’s office and found out about how different departments work even better to sell their product. Later we learnt how to operate a cash register. Apparently you have to learn a lot of codes for every single product. Before we left we put some other products to put om the shelf.

We had a lot of fun and can’t wait till our next session.

By Lara,  Ashanya, Darren and Josh

August 9, 2013
by larac


On the 7th of August we went on our second visit to IGA. When we got there we asked Marc a few questions about the nuts and bolts topic. After that we went back into the freezer and got some Anzac biscuits to bake in the oven we all had to put gloves on then spray the tray so the Anzac biscuits didn’t stick to the tray when they were ready.

We had to wait about 15 minutes until they were finished so in the spare time we had to face all the drinks the right way and put them in the right place so that you could see the brand. Then Marc organized a little job for us to do which involved us placing products like cheese and lasagne on the right shelf and checking if the use by date is okay.

Finally our Anzac biscuits were ready and we all had a container to put about 6 or 7 in each, we all had a great day and cant wait for our next session!

By Lara, Ashanya, Darren and Joshua W

July 31, 2013
by larac

IGA inquiry session!

For our inquiry topic this term we are learning about economics and businesses. Today, the 31st of July our group went to IGA supermarket in Mount Waverley. For our first session we got a tour of the store and learnt the OHS rules. We got to see many departments such as the fruit and veg, Leonards, bakery, deli, dairy, freezer, grocery, front and and liquor. We also found out that the freezer is kept at -18 degrees and the fridge was 5 degrees. We can’t wait for our next session!

By Lara, Darren, Josh w and Ashanya.

June 25, 2013
by Josh W
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Inquiry Reflection

For this term’s inquiry we had to reasearch an Earth And Beyond Project. I researched about Stars and how they worked. I was going to make a cartoon book and an IMovie but it didn’t suit the topic that I was doing. I thought about what would suit me so I chose to make a PowerPoint. It took me about two weeks to find all my information. Then I had to create an Information Report. That took me about three days to finish. After I checked and corrected it I made a start on my PowerPoint. When I finished my PowerPoint we found out when our presentation day was going to be. We all got excited and started to make our displays. I was proud of what people commented on my work. I found that this inquiry was a success and I found it was quite fun!

Here Is My PowerPoint That I Presented On The Day: (Click On The Link Below)



March 26, 2013
by Josh W

Stations Of The Cross No. 2

For our religion we needed to learn about Easter. Each group needed to reflect on a poster about  important events at Easter. My station was about Jesus taking up his cross. Here is my reflection:

Jesus saved us because he knew he was born to do it. Some people say he opened up the gates to heaven.

How Can we help people ?

We can help people by, Sharing, looking after people, behaving, caring.

 How Did Jesus Help Us? 

By making a big sacrifice and opening the gates to heaven.

This is station  No. 2


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