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September 1, 2013
by joshuai

Waverlerley Cycles week 5

This week was our last visit at the shop.

We did a safety check on our bikes and all of us passed it. It was fun being there all those weeks but we cant come any more.

We all passed the safety check so we all  can ride our bikes safely.


Our questions this week were:

What successfully advertises your business, products or services?

What is the target audience for your advertising?

Do you think there is a more effective way of advertising?

What is the future direction for advertising?

August 23, 2013
by mattt
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Waverley Cycles

Waverley Cycles

This week Josh C, Josh I, George, Matt and Thiago went to Waverley Cycles. We got to service two kids bikes, one was black and the other was pink. The bikes had lots of problems such as:

  • Punctured tubed
  • Flat tyres
  • Loose parts

Then we had to take the wheel out of the bike which involved untightening bolts. After we took the wheel out we took out the tyre, Dicky told us that the smaller the tyre the harder it is to get it off. After we got the tube out we replaced it with a new one.

This week’s questions were:


What do you budget for in your business?

Monthly budget- it varies depending on time of year, Christmas is busy, usually double budget, winter morally lower budget


How do you budget for your business?

On customer demand


How do you manage your cash flow?

Keeping our costs reasonable, keeping things that customers need at the right time of the year


What do you spend your money on?

Keeping stock levels at a reasonable level,


How do you spend your money without going over your budget?

Maintain reasonable stock levels


What are the different things you spend money for bikes, bills etc.

Bills, wages, stock


What’s your average hourly rate for employees?

Based on Australian standards for wages


Does your budget start the same?

Always varies


Have you ever gone over your budget and if so what do you do to fix it?

Yes, work harder. Get creative to create more customers


If you’re under your budget what do you do with the extra money?

Sit it aside for a rainy day









August 13, 2013
by mattt

Waverley Cycles week 3

This week the 12th of August the Waverley Cycles group (Josh C, Josh I, George, Matt and Thiago) went for our third visit. The topic for the day was ‘Knowing your Product or Trade’. The aim for the day was to find out about his service, products or trade.

This week we did a safety check on bikes that had been donated to Dicky to donate to another charity. The bikes that we serviced weren’t in very good shape, Dicky told us to list down all the problems of the bike we had:

  • Flat tires
  • Loose handlebars
  • Loose brake levers
  • Loose gear shifters
  • Gears don’t change

August 9, 2013
by mattt

Waverley Cycles

On August the 5th George, Josh C, Josh I, Matt and Thiago went to Waverley Cycles. The aim for the day was to find out about how Waverley Cycles owner (Dicky) runs his business.

This week we unpacked boxes to check if he got all of the things he payed for and we also pumped up the bike tyres. The skills we used were counting and precision. We used counting when we unpacked the boxes when we counted the stock and we used precision when we pumped up the bike tyres.

This weeks questions were:

What supplies do you get?

Who do you get your supplies from?

How many customers do you get per hour, day, week, fortnight or month approximately?
What are your goals for your business (expanding your business wise)?
How are you working towards them?
What happens in your business each day?
Does each employee work every day (when your business is open)?
Do you have customers that come regularly? How do you go about getting repeat customers?
What is your biggest sale?
What is your most expensive product?
What is the pricing of servicing at Waverley Cycles?
By Thiago, Josh C, Josh I, Matt and George

August 1, 2013
by mattt

Waverley Cycles

On Monday the 29th of July Thiago, Joshua I, Josh C, George and Melina (Josh I’s Mum) (Matt was absent) went to Waverley Cycles 306 Stephensons Rd, Mount Waverley 3149 VIC. The owner of Waverley Cycles name was Dicky.

When we got there we introduced ourselves and after that we asked Dicky our 11 questions about OHS rules. This week we learnt how to read the P.S.I (Pound per Square Inch) which is on the side of the tyre, we also learnt how to pump a bikes tire. The material(s) we used was a bike pump. The skills we used were pumping up bike tyres and precision.

Dicky has a plan for us on Monday that we will unpack the boxes and put the items away.

By Josh C, Josh I, Matt T, George T and Thiago S

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