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September 1, 2013
by martinx

John Nguyen visit – week 5

On the 26th of August, Patrick, Peter, Oscar, Paul and I went to John Nguyen’s Office for the 5th time. We start off by asking his assistant Anne some questions. This week’s focus on question was advertisements and marketing; so we inquired John Nguyen about his skills of influence and the preparation before the forthcoming election just in 2 weeks. We learnt that the best way to advertise themselves is to socialize and personally interact with their clients. He also told us what his goals are after the election which is to be the state minister.

We then assisted Anne with the preparation for the election. We had to sort out bags and posters for each voting area; each bag contains a pair of scissors, a “John Nguyen- Liberal for Chisholm” poster and flyers to be placed around the area on the day of the election.

She informed us that even if we were overseas in another country, we could still vote. For example there will be several voting places in Berlin in Germany, New York in United states and other cities, however the cities must reach a certain amount of Australian residents.

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