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Anglesea recreation camp



On the 18th of September, all the 5/6s went to camp at the Anglesea Recreation Camp. When everyone arrived at school, we put all of our bags and sleeping bags in the bus and we boarded the bus to go to Anglesea. When we reached there after a one and a half hour drive, we unloaded the bags and sleeping bags from the bus to an empty space in front of the dining room.


After that we had a little talk about the safety rules and regulations about the camp, we played a game called GAGA, it was very fun and all you had to do is to hit the ball into other peoples legs and you have to try to avoid the ball from hitting your legs.


After everyone had a go at the game we brought our bags to our cabins to get ready for the activities. I was in group 2 therefore we were doing archery and rock climbing first. Both of the activities were very fun!


After the rock climbing, we went to wash up for dinner. After shower, we had some free time and then we went for dinner. After dinner, we did camp’s got talent and it was very fun! After that we went to our cabins to get ready for bed time.


The next day we had breakfast and then we went for our activities. My group went to low ropes first then giant swing, yabbying then canoeing.

My favourite activity was canoeing.


After the activities, we had a shower and then dinner. After dinner we had a night walk and it was very long walk. When we came back to the camp we got ready to go to bed.


The next day my group could go for another go at another activity because when we did the rock climbing, all the other groups didn’t get to go for their activity because it was raining.


After we went for the activity it was time to go back to school.






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