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Week Five at Pets Story


On Monday the 26th of August Savannah, Jessica, Lachy, Ion and Caitlin went to Pets Story for the fifth time. When we walked in we were greeted by Shane and said we said hello to each other and we got straight into work.

The first thing we did was make cat scratchers. Jessica and Savannah were building one together and finished first (even though it was the biggest)! Caitlin and Lachy were building one by themselves. The one Caitlin was going to do broke before she opened it and obviously Shane couldn’t sell it so she put it back into the box for Shane to get a new one. Ion was doing one by himself. Once Lachy was finished, Caitlin and Lachy did another one together.

After that Jessica asked the questions, this week’s questions were about advertising and marketing. While Jessica was doing that Ion was still building the same cat scratcher, even though everyone already finished a while ago. When Jessica was done with the questions she went to help Ion to build cat scratcher.

When Jessica and Ion finally finished building the cat scratcher, Savannah, Jessica and Caitlin held a rabbit, the rabbits were so soft.

Then unfortunately it was time to go, we said goodbye and headed off back to school. We all had a wonderful time and we all can’t wait to go back for our final time next week.

By Savannah, Caitlin, Jessica, Lachy and Ion

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