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Monash Library Week 5


On Monday Sarah, Anastasia, Bianca and Elia went to the library for the fifth time. Anastasia and Sarah got to shelve books, Return book and DVD’s and we also got to reserve a book. Bianca got to find books on the shelves and return books from the adult fiction trolleys.

Sarah and Anastasia learnt to shelve books. To shelve a junior fiction book you need to look at the first three or four letters of the author’s last name. For example if the last name was KING then it would just be King but if the name was GRYLLS then it would be Gry. We also returned some books and DVD’s as well as reserving a book.

First, Bianca started with Han, the officer and supervisor of ICT and of making sure that all the books that the other 6 libraries in the branch get delivered to those libraries. Han printed out a list of books that other libraries were wanting for their customers and Bianca had to go and find those books with Kate. Kate works at the desk and she also shelves books. Bianca also learnt about reserving books, returning books, borrowing books and fixing damaged books. Bianca also worked at the desk with Wendy.

This week was great and we look forward to next week for our last session at the library.

Anastasia, Sarah and Bianca.

Shelving books

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