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By invitation Only Week 4

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On Tuesday we had another visit from Wendy who is the manager of “By Invitation Only”. This week we made a card that your partner (client) designed for their wedding.

To make the invitation for the client we got given the different patterned papers, ribbon, and other materials like lace and diamonds and the invitation size such as a square or rectangle.

This session was to teach us how to make wedding invitations, and what the process is to making a wedding invitation, such as making the invitation as perfect as you can by sticking everything in the area it is supposed to, without the piece of material on an angle, and cutting the paper to the correct size and cutting the paper straight.

We are all very excited for next week’s session; we had lots of fun and can’t wait for what Wendy has planned for us next week.

By Nicola, Tahlia, Jahaira and Anabelle

One Comment

  1. Very interesting!
    Keep up the good work and keep me updated with great blog posts just like this.
    Have fun in your business!

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