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Week 4 at Pets Story

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On Monday the 19th of August Savannah, Jessica, Lachy, Ion and Caitlin went to Pets Story. When we walked in we saw Shane and we said hello. Then Savannah and Jessica cleaned the birds and Lachy, Ion and Caitlin cleaned the rabbits. We cleaned the water, food and the rabbits houses. The birds take longer then the rabbits because the birds have more to do and there is more poo and more birds.

There where two new rabbits and one was brown and the other was black. The black one was so soft and fluffy! We called it Fluff ball! While Ion was asking the questions the girls were holding and cleaning the rabbits. Shane gave us some brushes to clean the rabbits. Savannah and Jessica sat down and brushed the rabbits fur. Jessica also showed Savannah how to tame them, like she does for shows for her guinea pig.
While the girls were playing with the rabbits,  Lachy taught Charlie the cockatoo how to handshake. Though by this time, it was time to go. We said our goodbyes and headed off to school. We really enjoyed the session and we can’t wait until next week!

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  1. Dear Senior Students of Holy Family,

    What a fantastic job you’ve done ! You truly helped not only the animals but the pet owners to live a comfortable life. I’m truly a proud mum of one of the students.

    Ion’s mum

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