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Library Group Week 4


This week at the library, we learnt about the ways libraries budget.

We met a woman named Shelley who is the Occupation Health and Safety Leader for all six of the Monash library branches. Shelley told us that the libraries budget is set by the local council and that money is used to buy books, CD’s, DVD’s eBooks and to make repairs.

One of our questions was “What are the most expensive books?” Shelley told us that picture fiction books are the most expensive and if a book cost lots of money the librarians must go through a complicated process to see if the book is worth buying and if it is worth buying they need to find out how many to buy.

One man is in charge of the money and the money is counted on a Monday and Friday and the total amount of money they get for their budget must be shared between all six libraries.

If you go to the library to work even for work experience you will get paid because it is part of the law and because of that law the library has no volunteer workers.

We had a great time on Monday and we all learnt heaps.

By Sarah, Camila, Bianca, Aliyah and Anastasia

History books


Author: xxStAsIaxx



  1. wow I had no idea fiction books cost so much:D

  2. Wow! Very interesting. Great job girls!

  3. Great Job Library group. It sounds very interesting!

    Dom (Corinne’s mum)

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