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Bakers Delight Week 3

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On Tuesday 12 of august, the Baker’s Delight group went to their business with the aim knowing your business. When we arrived Michalea told us what we were doing which was making our own finger buns. We first asked questions and she gave us the answers in less than 5 minutes.

Our group went to the back of the bakery and put on hats and aprons. We played with dough and we had to put them in a machine that cuts them into 4 equal parts. Then a man named Alex (who was the head baker) put dough into to the circle presser and made dough into circles.

Next Alex came out with finger bun that had no frosting on them. So it was up to us to do the frosting, Nathan and Joelee frosted theirs with coconut and Corrine and Cristian frosted theirs with 100’s and 1000’s. We got to take them home which was even better. We had the best time this week and cannot wait to go back next week.


By Nathan, Joelee, Cristian, Corrine and Demitri (who was absent on the day)

One Comment

  1. did you have fun making the finger buns because it sounded like you did! cant believe you got 7 free finger buns.

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