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Library Group Week 3


This week the library group and Mrs. Smith (Aliyah, Anastasia, Sarah, Bianca and Camila) visited Wendy in the library. One of our questions we asked was, “What do you have upstairs?” Wendy then gave us a tour of upstairs. When we got upstairs there was a small room called the meeting room where the librarians chat about the library and have a break.

Then we saw another room where children can go to learn more about the library. When we were in the room, we remembered that in grade 4 we came here for an excursion. In the room we asked Wendy our questions about knowing your product service or trade. One of our questions was “Do you ever contact other libraries?” Wendy’s answer was: “Yes for e.g. if you ever wanted to find a book that wasn’t in our library then the librarians would contact the five other Monash libraries and they could reserve it for you. It would then come in to our library one week later.

We have six libraries in the Monash branches. They are, Clayton, Glen Waverley, Wheelers Hill, Mulgrave, Mount Waverley and Oakleigh’

This week we had a really fun time at the library. Thanks to Wendy, Mrs. Smith and the library.

By Aliyah, Sarah, Anastasia, Camilla and Bianca

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