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Library Group Week 2


This week for our trip to the library, we got a tour of the library and where they all work. A woman named Kate showed us the rooms around the library and who works in each one.

Wendy helped us by answering the questions we asked her. One of the questions was “Why do you enjoy working in the library?” She answered “I love to work in a library because I get to meet new people and I like how the library brings the community together.”

We also learnt how they communicate with other libraries in the Monash branches. If you borrow a book from a library from the Monash branch, you can return it to any library from the Monash branch. If that library gets a book from a different library, they put it into a box and everyday a shuttle bus comes around and takes them to the right library.

Another of the questions we asked was “Have you ever thought of upgrading your library and if yes, how?” Wendy told us about how the library used to be just paper-back books but now they have talking books such as eBooks™,  internet borrowing, library cards and kids and young adults games about languages and books on the internet.

It was really fun and we all enjoyed it. We can’t wait till next week!!


By Anastasia, Sarah A, Camila, Bianca, and Aliyah!

Author: xxStAsIaxx


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