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August 26, 2013
by torid

The Chicken Experts Week 4

On the 19th of August, Tori, Luke, Sarah, Josh and Mr Dennis went to our inquiry buisness to ask questions. But this week we unfortunately didn’t get to talk to Carrie (who owns the shop) who normally comes to answer the questions. She was sadly sick and her partner who owns the shop was very busy cooking and cleaning to prepare for the shop before a 10:30 am open.

To make the best out of our visit we decided to take lots of photos of their shop and their achievements. After getting lots of photos we decided to start planning how we were going to present at our big inquiry expo.

Altogether we had lots of fun taking photos and talking about the presenting part of our big project. We all can’t wait to meet up with Carrie again next week.

By Tori, Luke, Sarah and Josh

August 26, 2013
by Jessica
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Week 4 at Pets Story

On Monday the 19th of August Savannah, Jessica, Lachy, Ion and Caitlin went to Pets Story. When we walked in we saw Shane and we said hello. Then Savannah and Jessica cleaned the birds and Lachy, Ion and Caitlin cleaned the rabbits. We cleaned the water, food and the rabbits houses. The birds take longer then the rabbits because the birds have more to do and there is more poo and more birds.

There where two new rabbits and one was brown and the other was black. The black one was so soft and fluffy! We called it Fluff ball! While Ion was asking the questions the girls were holding and cleaning the rabbits. Shane gave us some brushes to clean the rabbits. Savannah and Jessica sat down and brushed the rabbits fur. Jessica also showed Savannah how to tame them, like she does for shows for her guinea pig.
While the girls were playing with the rabbits,  Lachy taught Charlie the cockatoo how to handshake. Though by this time, it was time to go. We said our goodbyes and headed off to school. We really enjoyed the session and we can’t wait until next week!

August 26, 2013
by xxStAsIaxx

Library Group Week 4

This week at the library, we learnt about the ways libraries budget.

We met a woman named Shelley who is the Occupation Health and Safety Leader for all six of the Monash library branches. Shelley told us that the libraries budget is set by the local council and that money is used to buy books, CD’s, DVD’s eBooks and to make repairs.

One of our questions was “What are the most expensive books?” Shelley told us that picture fiction books are the most expensive and if a book cost lots of money the librarians must go through a complicated process to see if the book is worth buying and if it is worth buying they need to find out how many to buy.

One man is in charge of the money and the money is counted on a Monday and Friday and the total amount of money they get for their budget must be shared between all six libraries.

If you go to the library to work even for work experience you will get paid because it is part of the law and because of that law the library has no volunteer workers.

We had a great time on Monday and we all learnt heaps.

By Sarah, Camila, Bianca, Aliyah and Anastasia

History books


August 26, 2013
by alicer

Australia Post- Week 4

Today we were really excited about going to Australia Post because this time we weren’t going at 11:30am, we went at 9:10am. This week were learning about Budgeting which was really exciting. We found out that most of their money goes toward profit and retail like toys, lollies and drawing books.

David told us that sometimes they reduce the amount of items because they aren’t popular enough and this really interested us that we wanted to learn more. We got a great amount of information from our questions and that is what we really needed this week after not getting as much last week.

David said that some of their budget goes towards toys like the Peter Rabbit Classic Collection (as pictured) and if you look close enough, you will be able to see the words “Australia Post” on the top of the box. This was strange but cool because only the Australia Post could sell this particular item.

Overall, we all agreed that this week was a great week for information!

By Alice, Joseph, Sabrina and Samir.

August 26, 2013
by Gabriella

Brumby’s Week 4

This week Zoe, Shivani, Gaby and Laura went for the fourth visit to Brumby’s!  We went straight to work as soon as we got there. First we got different drinks and filled the fridge up, and then our first customer came!!!

We remembered the skills we learnt the week before and we slowly gave the order. We had trouble getting the bread in the bag because you have to grab the bread while your hand is in the bag (to not get any germs on the bread) but Jay was there to help.

After the excitement of the first customer wore out, we ate cinnamon doughnuts and cleaned the back of the shop, we used sprays to wipe the counter and we also used soap and water to wash the sinks and tabletops.

Jay showed us how to clean the doughnut fat off the walls and table with the scraper and we also helped with that. After cleaning the entire shop there were about four people waiting to be served! We got straight to work remembering to greet the customers with a smile, Laura and Zoe used the tongs and bags to get the food while Shiv and Gaby were working the cash register. After serving heaps of people we got to eat a sausage roll!

It was really yummy and we wished we could have had more. Before we were about to go we got a slice of banana cake each to eat and we had had so much fun. We can’t wait until next week.

By Zoe, Laura, Shivani and Gabriella

August 26, 2013
by jaidad
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Our Fifth Visit to Shanikas

On the 22nd of August Jaida, Celina, Wesley and Jordan went to our last session at Shanikas. This session the topic was “Advertising and Marketing”. We did our Week Five Questions the previous week so we started straight away!

When we arrived, Danny told us this week we would be having lunch at Shanikas. First, we started off watching Danny make us Mocktails again. Next, we went into the kitchen to see how Danny makes his dishes. We decided to make Marco polo, Bolognese and Carbonara. Danny showed us everything that goes into those dishes and how to caramelize the food.

We had also decided to make garlic bread. Danny told us that he mixes up herbs to make his garlic butter and then spreads it on the bread.

When we had finished making our lunch Celina and Jaida brought out the food. We all tried a bit of every dish. The food was delicious!

The day was fantastic! We all had a great time!

By Jaida, Celina, Wesley and Jordan.

August 26, 2013
by jaidad

Our Fourth Visit to Shanikas

On the 15th of August we had our fourth session at Shanikas. This session, our topic was ‘budgeting’.

When we arrived we greeted Danny and told him about the topic this week. Since the topic was budgeting he couldn’t answer all the questions because some of were a bit private.

We also interviewed him with our week five questions so we could finish what we planned for week five!

Next we had to decide what we were going to do for our big project. Finally we came up with a great idea of making chocolate mousse to have as a free sample. We are also going to be cooking next week!

We had a really fun time this week and hope to have an even better time next week!

By Jaida, Celina, Jordan and Wesley.

August 26, 2013
by Corinne

Baker’s Delight

On Tuesday 20th of August the Bakers Delight group went for their fourth visit. This week we made delicious blueberry and white chocolate scones. Michalea was away so Alex the trainee bakery manager led the visit.

We first put our aprons and chef hats on and then Alex quickly made up the dough for us to bake with. We got into pairs it was Nathan and Cristian Joelee and Corrine but we still had one more group member so Demitri went with Alex. We had made layers of the scone e.g. we would first make the dough flat then put frozen blueberries on top, next you would fold it again then put it in the oven for 18 minutes.

When the scones came out of the oven they were too hot to eat, so on the way back the scones had cooled down so we all tried one. They were still warm but they were delicious.

We had a great time at our fourth visit at Bakers Delight; we can’t wait until our next visit!


By Corinne, Joelee, Nathan, Cristian and Demitri


August 26, 2013
by ignatiusc
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New Wave Systems Session Four

On the 19th of August we went for our 4th session at New Wave Systems. This time we learnt how they keep track of their reserved items! First we used a program on the computer which we used a couple weeks ago it was called “Lightspeed”. We picked an order that was created for the four of us to do, we each picked one and we got a list of items on the shelf for us to reserve for people that was so fun that the items where hard to find and we got some help from an employee we got like a mouse pad, a bag, a cord for transferring a video, a magic track pad and many more!

After all that we got to learn about IPads! By the way Joe asked a question about an item on the shelf which was an EYETV and David replied it was like an apple TV which connects to the internet more specifically to your apple device like IPhone, IPad, IMac or even your mac. Anyway, about the IPad, he told us that most people know the word “WI-FI” but most people don’t know what it actually means he also told us that there was more words that people commonly known but don’t know what it means like broadband he also told us that only the Older people are brave enough to tell him that they don’t know what the internet is. ­­

One of the questions we asked was “How do they store all the stuff inside the IPad for it to work” and he actually didn’t know how they fitted all the stuff because he has other employees that do that stuff like build the stuff inside a IMac and a IPad and even more that he doesn’t even know.

We learnt about the reserved items and how they worked, the reason they do this is because if a person has reserved an item and they sell it by accident and when the customer comes they get really mad because they say that they don’t have stock because they sold it to the guy. So that’s the reason why they print pieces of paper that says an item is reserved.

Well, we enjoyed the 4th session and we have two more session for our inquiry and we’re hoping it will be the best! Hope the next session is going to be AWESOME!

By Aaron, Raymond, Joseph and Ignatius

August 26, 2013
by awalsh

Commonwealth Bank – week four

On Monday the 19th of August at 10:00 am, Matthew, Matilda and Cassandra went to the Commonwealth Bank for our Fourth Visit. Unfortunately, Ben was absent and couldn’t join us at the Bank. We got there right on time and Carmen (Who is the Customer Service Manager) took us up the stairs and into their tea room, where we asked our questions about Budgeting and how they manage it. We got a lot of information out of Carmen today.

When we were finished we went back down the stairs and into one of the private offices where we talked to Harsh (who is the Personal Lending Manager). Harsh told us that at the Commonwealth Bank if you need to borrow money for a house, car or bills you can borrow money and have up to 30 years to pay it back! We asked Harsh many questions which he was able to answer very quickly.

Once we were finished with Harsh, Carmen took us out into the foyer where greeted customers which was very interesting.

Thankyou Miss K for taking us to and from the bank for the fourth time. We had loads of fun and learnt many important things.

By Cassandra, Matthew, Matilda and Ben

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