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July 31, 2013
by larac

IGA inquiry session!

For our inquiry topic this term we are learning about economics and businesses. Today, the 31st of July our group went to IGA supermarket in Mount Waverley. For our first session we got a tour of the store and learnt the OHS rules. We got to see many departments such as the fruit and veg, Leonards, bakery, deli, dairy, freezer, grocery, front and and liquor. We also found out that the freezer is kept at -18 degrees and the fridge was 5 degrees. We can’t wait for our next session!

By Lara, Darren, Josh w and Ashanya.

July 31, 2013
by Gabriella


This week Shivani, Gabriella, Laura, Zoe and Mrs Sergianis (Zoe’s mum- Our parent helper) went to Brumby’s as a part of our inquiry topic about businesses. Our first session was on the 29th of July 2013 and we learnt lots. We learnt how brumby’s works and what the safety rules are to keep everyone safe.

We had a tour of the whole shop. Tee (The customer’s server) and Vaishali (The Baker) showed us how there machinery works and what they are used for because the manager (Jay) was not at Brumby’s because there was a flour incident and she was not able to inform us about her business.

We asked many questions about their business and saw 50 bags of flour made for Brumby’s Tee told us that all the products they receive are either made at the Brumby’s inMountWaverleyor at the factory of Brumby’s.

Vaishali showed us the fridge which is where they keep the dough for the next day so the bakers can cook the bread in the morning. The fridge was so big that we could walk into it but it was way to cold to stay in so we came out.

After Vaishali showed us a big box the size of a fridge well inside was very stinky. They keep all of the dough in there when they want the dough to rise but we couldn’t look at it for long because it was stinky!

We tried one slice of the carrot cake which Tee gave us (To be honest none of us liked carrot cake) but once we tried the cake we fell in love with it. We were all very impressed!

We had loads of info in our graphic organisers which is where we are going to keep our information for the expo on the last weeks of term 3.

At around 10:45 a bunch of people came in to purchase some bread and Tee gave us some delicious chocolate muffins for free which was extra nice!!!!! So Shivani, Gabriella, Laura and Zoe had a great idea that we should give them something in return… a card to show our gratitude for their help

We did not really want to leave but we had to get back to school so walked back to school with our lovely helper Mrs Sergianis. Thank you very much!

We had so much fun and cannot wait until next week to learn more about the nuts and bolts. We definitely recommend Brumby’s as they have fresh bread and help the community.

By Shivani, Zoe, Laura and Gabriella.






July 31, 2013
by alicer

Australia Post

Today we went to the Australia Post to get some information for our first session about OHS (Occupation, health and safety) and we got a lot of information from this session.

We found out that there a lot of Indigenous people that work at the workplace and when there is a fire-which there hasn’t been yet- they would evacuate the post office and rush up to the train station. We also found out what things they use to pick up and sort. They use things like trolleys.

We looked at the room where they sort out all the mail and it was interesting how people paid extra money to have their own locker for their mail to be put in.

We thought that today went really well because we learnt so much and we really enjoyed our experience.


By Alice, Joseph, Sabrina and Samir

July 31, 2013
by jahairap

By Invitation Only

On Tuesday the 30th of July Nicola, Tahlia, Jahaira and Anabelle had a visit from Wendy who was teaching us about her business. Her business makes hair accessories and invitations for birthdays and weddings.

When we were there Wendy showed us all her equipment that helps her make the invitations, one of the things she used was called a scorer that helps fold the cards. She also had special cutters that cut out different shapes and lots of materials for us.

We also asked Wendy some questions about her business like how do you keep your customers satisfied? The answer was to make an invitation they want and like.

Wendy said that she has to make every invitation/card look identical, she uses her paper cutter and ruler to make everything equal, the most used piece of equipment is her ruler because she wants to make sure everything is perfect for the customer.

The following week we will be making an invitation that she might use for a birthday or wedding. We are all very excited to learn more about Wendy’s business and making more invitations and decorating them.


By Nicola, Tahlia, Jahaira and Anabelle.



July 30, 2013
by Jessica

Pets Story

On Monday the 29th of July Lachy, Jess, Caitlin, Savannah, Ion and Mrs Grima (Michelle) went to a pet shop called Pets Story. When we got there we met the manager Shane. As he was he was vacuuming around the bird, rabbit and guinea pig cages, he told us what he has to do every morning before the customers arrive.

After he finished vacuuming he gave us a tour around the shop as he was checking to see if any of the animals had gotten sick over night. As we passed the rabbits there was a little white rabbit with an opaque eye. Shane told us that the rabbit may have got scratched or a piece of hay got stuck in its eye.

We looked at the rest of the animals and we asked a lot of questions about them! Next we looked at a bird called Charlie who was a sulphur cockatoo, he sits on his perch next to the counter and would occasionally talk and bite Caitlin on her jacket! We found out that the sulphur cockatoo can be worth up to $1000 if they can talk and if they can’t they would be worth about $400, and they can live up to 125 years old!

Then Shane told us if we want to we can hold the rabbits and guinea pigs, of course we all rushed over there and held the animals. Shane said that they were only 5 weeks old! They were so cute and fluffy!

Next we asked Shane our 10 questions and he answered them with heaps of detail. As we were asking him our question the owner, Nathan came in. We said hello and he went off to do a job. Just as we finished a little dog came in for grooming.

We watched a lady wash him, it was very cute when he had soap all over him! Unfortunately, it was time to go. We said goodbye and came back to school.  Over all we had a great time and we can’t wait for our next session!

By Jessica, Caitlin, Savannah, Lachy and Ion

July 30, 2013
by Corinne
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Baker’s Delight

This week all of the senior level went into the community to learn about occupation health and safety. The business our group went to was Baker’s Delight. We walked to Baker’s Delight and when we got there we introduced ourselves to Michaela. We then took a tour of the back of Baker’s Delight, we saw all these oven’s and storage. Then we went to the back of the shop to meet a 30 year experienced baker named Bret who was making some sort of bread. We met four people including Alex, Olivia and Michaela. Then we came back out to the front and Michaela told us some information about Baker’s Delight. After that we asked questions. Our group are very happy to be in the business and can not wait to go back!

By Corinne, Joelee, Nathan, Cristian and Demitri

July 30, 2013
by awalsh
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Commonwealth Bank Inquiry Group Reflection

On Monday the 29th of July 2013, Matt, Ben S, Cassandra and Matilda went to the Commonwealth Bank to learn about how the business works. We are all going there one day a week over a six week period. Today was our first session, when we got there we met most of the staff members and we had a tour of the bank by Carmen. We sat down in their tea room and asked them some questions about their evacuation plans, safety rules and what they do if robbery occurs. We would like to thank Ms K for taking us to and from the Bank; we had lots of fun and can’t wait for next weeks session.

By Matilda, Ben, Matt and Cassandra

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