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March 26, 2013
by Josh W

Stations Of The Cross No. 2

For our religion we needed to learn about Easter. Each group needed to reflect on a poster about  important events at Easter. My station was about Jesus taking up his cross. Here is my reflection:

Jesus saved us because he knew he was born to do it. Some people say he opened up the gates to heaven.

How Can we help people ?

We can help people by, Sharing, looking after people, behaving, caring.

 How Did Jesus Help Us? 

By making a big sacrifice and opening the gates to heaven.

This is station  No. 2


March 11, 2013
by ashanyaf


On my long weekendI went  to Yarrawonga.

Yarrawonga is a place all around water because it is at the border from Victoria and New South Wales.

Going to Yarrawonga from Mount Waverley is about a four hour car drive. We went with some of our family friends, Dullain and they organised the trip. How nice!

The  next day we had a nice English breakfast and went down to go on the banana boats and water slide. It was so much fun because the water slide was so fast and the banana boat always tipped us over, later on we went to the pool for a cool swim. Later on  our other friends Liseni, Rythma and Saptha came, then we all went to the park.

We all got up very quickly and get dressed for great fun on the bannana boats and waterslide again. The water slide was faster and the banana boat tipped us over double the time. IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!  After all the fun Liseni had to go home 🙁

It was the last day and we had to pack up really fast and go home. Before all that we had icy poles and they were so yummy, then finally  HOME SWEET HOME ! 

That is the end of my long weekend! Sorry that I  haven’t put up any photos but I will soon.

March 11, 2013
by ashanyaf

My Camping

Last week I went camping at Lake Eildon.

We go as a family every month with my cousins Kiyara and other members.

I had so much fun swimming in the lake,  toasting marshmallows and best of all having a water fight!

It was fun setting up tents and not having electricity, even if the maximum was about 35 degrees and with all the flies all around bugging us; but it was all worth if for just 4 days and a bit of fun

By Ashanya


March 5, 2013
by larac

Twilight Sports

On Friday the 22ndof February our school held our 2013 school sports carnival at Bill Stewarts athletics track. From grade preps to six’s we had the 100metre sprint then we did long jump after that we had the shuttle relays. Once all the shuttle relays finished the grade 3’s 4’s 5’s and 6’s had the circular relay. Once the circular relay had finished we had a 10 minute break with our teams then after the break all the grade 6’s ran 800metres the girls ran first and then the boys went after congratulations to Tahlia for winning out of the girls and congratulations to Matt for winning out of the boys. Once all the events were completed we had to pack up and get ready to watch the baby race. When all the teams fully packed up we found out the scores blue came in 4th place green came in 3rd place gold came in 2nd place and red came in 1st place. By Lara, Ignatius and Lachy.

March 4, 2013
by Jessica

Clean Up Day

On Friday the 1st of March, the school participated in clean up Australia day. We got into our house colour teams and divided the school into four parts for different house teams to clean up. Green did the Avila track, Gold did behind the school, Red did the oval, and Blue did the quadrangle and car park.

Some of the things we found were wrappers, paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, foil, juice boxes, and bandaids.

Compared to last year, and years before we found a little amount of rubbish this year, which means we have had little amount of pollution and our school has become a better environment.

To be continued…

By Jessica, Jaida, Ashanya, and Imogen

March 4, 2013
by Corinne
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Twilight Sports

On Friday the 22nd of February we had the twilight sports. First the year six’s did the 100 metre sprints, then they had long jump. The year 5’s had the sprints after the year six’s. Then all the years had their shuttle relay starting from the year six’s. After that the year six’s had their circular relay first and red won. The year fives had their circular relay and green came first. The year six’s every year have something called the gift when they have to run 400 metres. In the girls Tahlia won the gift and in the boys Matt did. Over all Red came first, Gold came second, Green came third and Blue came last. The night tured out fantastic!

By Matt, Corinne and Ion

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