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Maths in the classroom


In 5/6W, we have been learning about chance, fractions, decimals and percentages in maths.

One of the games was a chance car game were you have a sheet with 11 cars and a counter on each car. You and your partner take turns rolling the dice while moving that number car. What ever car gets to the ending line first wins. We have also done work sheets on chance.  One of them is a game were you roll a dice and what ever number you land on, you add that to a tally on your sheet.

We also  learned about decimal, fractions and percentages. We are currently doing a survey to collect information then turning it into a decimal, fraction and percent. Also, we are learning how to add, subtract and multiply decimals.  We have learned the rules of adding, subtraction and multiplying decimals.

By Tahlia and Anastasia

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