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Anti Poverty Week


On Friday, the whole school celebrated Anti Poverty week. The whole school had a special liturgy, where the individuals donated a few dollars to the poor countries. We reflected by listening to some music, reflected by our self, prayed and did some meditation. We also watched some videos about Anti Poverty week. We talked about what poverty is.


“For Anti Poverty week I had a super time reflecting on the poor countries and thinking about what we can do to help!” Charlie E


“At anti poverty week I had a good time watching the videos about anti poverty and donating money” Tahlia. B


“I enjoyed giving money to the people in poverty because I know it will help” Anastasia R


“At Anti poverty week I had a good time to giving money to the poor” Ben L


  1. good job boy and girls

  2. I think we raised a lot of money. We did a good thing for the poor!

  3. Although I only donated a dollar, it still great that we can support the poor and if everyone in the school donated we would raise a lot of money.

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