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October 11, 2013
by ashanyaf

5/6 Camp

On the 18th of September the year 5/6 went on school camp to Anglesea recreation camp. When we got to the camp we met Chelsea and talked about what we were going to do at the camp and what to expect. One of my favourite activities was the Giant Swing.

The giant swing is 18 meters tall and you go up to about16 meters. You had to wear a harness which was very complicating. Then when it was my turn I had to sit on a ladder. Then the instructor would clip a rope to my harness that would keep me safe.

My team mates had to support me by pulling a rope that would pull me up to the top. Then the instructor told everyone to give a count down. By the time they already said two I was like freaking out and they one I was so scared that I couldn’t pull the string.

I tried and tried then I used both hands and got the shock of my life. After a few swings I could see a river and houses I could see the yabbying group. I felt lie I was Tarzan. It was so much fun.

When I got down I was so scared I could hardly move but I would say it was the best experience and I would love to do it again.

By Ashanya

October 11, 2013
by ignatiusc

Anglesea recreation camp


On the 18th of September, all the 5/6s went to camp at the Anglesea Recreation Camp. When everyone arrived at school, we put all of our bags and sleeping bags in the bus and we boarded the bus to go to Anglesea. When we reached there after a one and a half hour drive, we unloaded the bags and sleeping bags from the bus to an empty space in front of the dining room.


After that we had a little talk about the safety rules and regulations about the camp, we played a game called GAGA, it was very fun and all you had to do is to hit the ball into other peoples legs and you have to try to avoid the ball from hitting your legs.


After everyone had a go at the game we brought our bags to our cabins to get ready for the activities. I was in group 2 therefore we were doing archery and rock climbing first. Both of the activities were very fun!


After the rock climbing, we went to wash up for dinner. After shower, we had some free time and then we went for dinner. After dinner, we did camp’s got talent and it was very fun! After that we went to our cabins to get ready for bed time.


The next day we had breakfast and then we went for our activities. My group went to low ropes first then giant swing, yabbying then canoeing.

My favourite activity was canoeing.


After the activities, we had a shower and then dinner. After dinner we had a night walk and it was very long walk. When we came back to the camp we got ready to go to bed.


The next day my group could go for another go at another activity because when we did the rock climbing, all the other groups didn’t get to go for their activity because it was raining.


After we went for the activity it was time to go back to school.






September 10, 2013
by Jessica

Week Five at Pets Story

On Monday the 26th of August Savannah, Jessica, Lachy, Ion and Caitlin went to Pets Story for the fifth time. When we walked in we were greeted by Shane and said we said hello to each other and we got straight into work.

The first thing we did was make cat scratchers. Jessica and Savannah were building one together and finished first (even though it was the biggest)! Caitlin and Lachy were building one by themselves. The one Caitlin was going to do broke before she opened it and obviously Shane couldn’t sell it so she put it back into the box for Shane to get a new one. Ion was doing one by himself. Once Lachy was finished, Caitlin and Lachy did another one together.

After that Jessica asked the questions, this week’s questions were about advertising and marketing. While Jessica was doing that Ion was still building the same cat scratcher, even though everyone already finished a while ago. When Jessica was done with the questions she went to help Ion to build cat scratcher.

When Jessica and Ion finally finished building the cat scratcher, Savannah, Jessica and Caitlin held a rabbit, the rabbits were so soft.

Then unfortunately it was time to go, we said goodbye and headed off back to school. We all had a wonderful time and we all can’t wait to go back for our final time next week.

By Savannah, Caitlin, Jessica, Lachy and Ion

September 1, 2013
by Corinne

Bakers Delight – week 5

This week at Bakers Delight we were researching the topic “Advertising”.

When we first arrived the shop was quiet so they were able to talk to us straight away. The one problem was that the week before we forgot to send them the questions and what we will be asking about, luckily we brought the folder with the questions inside. Because we didn’t send them the e-mail our trip this week was about 15-30 minutes.

In those 15-30 minutes we got lots of information on our topic, even more than we needed. We found out that you can find advertising of bakers delight in the paper, on the T.V, in flyers and even from the word of mouth.

Some of our questions were: What ways do you advertise? How has your advertising changed over the years? and much, much more. Some of our questions had lots of answers and some only had one or two. To be honest we could have done better on our questions but they were still good questions and fitted our topic.

We had a great time and can’t believe that next week is out last week!

Joelee, Corinne, Nathan, Cristian and Demitri.

September 1, 2013
by ashanyaf
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IGA Week 5

On the 28th of August Lara, Darren, Ashanya and Josh W went to IGA. This week our topic was advertising and marketing. Marc taught us that it is not Ritchies who make the ads but it is the people who give IGA the products who make up the lines. He also taught us that IGA rarely does ads. The way they create ads is by finding a catchy line and then finding someone who a lot of people in the public know.

Then he introduced us to Bruce who is a rep. from Berttochi. He is a little bit different to Karen. He is also a marketer. Bruce told us that he comes to IGA and looks at IGA’s  products to see if there is enough Berttochi. He has worked for Berttochi for 6 or 7 years and at another place at 20 years. He said that he stopped working at the first place that he worked at because they only supplied 30% of the products requested by businesses. For example if IGA requested 100 products his old business would only provide 30 products. Then if another brand provided the same products but with 100% IGA would get it from another brand and not from the brand which could only provide 30% of IGA’s request.

Then Marc asked us to face up his products in the deli because the boss of IGA Fred Harris is coming in. He only comes once a year so everyone in the store was rushing around so that it would look nice. We were so excited because this is a very rare experience. Then Marc told us that Fred’s visit was delayed so we had to go.

Despite the disappointment it was still a great trip!

By Ashanya, Lara, Josh W and Darren

September 1, 2013
by anabelle
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By invitation Only Week 4

On Tuesday we had another visit from Wendy who is the manager of “By Invitation Only”. This week we made a card that your partner (client) designed for their wedding.

To make the invitation for the client we got given the different patterned papers, ribbon, and other materials like lace and diamonds and the invitation size such as a square or rectangle.

This session was to teach us how to make wedding invitations, and what the process is to making a wedding invitation, such as making the invitation as perfect as you can by sticking everything in the area it is supposed to, without the piece of material on an angle, and cutting the paper to the correct size and cutting the paper straight.

We are all very excited for next week’s session; we had lots of fun and can’t wait for what Wendy has planned for us next week.

By Nicola, Tahlia, Jahaira and Anabelle

September 1, 2013
by saraha1

Monash Library Week 5

On Monday Sarah, Anastasia, Bianca and Elia went to the library for the fifth time. Anastasia and Sarah got to shelve books, Return book and DVD’s and we also got to reserve a book. Bianca got to find books on the shelves and return books from the adult fiction trolleys.

Sarah and Anastasia learnt to shelve books. To shelve a junior fiction book you need to look at the first three or four letters of the author’s last name. For example if the last name was KING then it would just be King but if the name was GRYLLS then it would be Gry. We also returned some books and DVD’s as well as reserving a book.

First, Bianca started with Han, the officer and supervisor of ICT and of making sure that all the books that the other 6 libraries in the branch get delivered to those libraries. Han printed out a list of books that other libraries were wanting for their customers and Bianca had to go and find those books with Kate. Kate works at the desk and she also shelves books. Bianca also learnt about reserving books, returning books, borrowing books and fixing damaged books. Bianca also worked at the desk with Wendy.

This week was great and we look forward to next week for our last session at the library.

Anastasia, Sarah and Bianca.

Shelving books

September 1, 2013
by joshuai

Waverlerley Cycles week 5

This week was our last visit at the shop.

We did a safety check on our bikes and all of us passed it. It was fun being there all those weeks but we cant come any more.

We all passed the safety check so we all  can ride our bikes safely.


Our questions this week were:

What successfully advertises your business, products or services?

What is the target audience for your advertising?

Do you think there is a more effective way of advertising?

What is the future direction for advertising?

September 1, 2013
by martinx

John Nguyen visit – week 5

On the 26th of August, Patrick, Peter, Oscar, Paul and I went to John Nguyen’s Office for the 5th time. We start off by asking his assistant Anne some questions. This week’s focus on question was advertisements and marketing; so we inquired John Nguyen about his skills of influence and the preparation before the forthcoming election just in 2 weeks. We learnt that the best way to advertise themselves is to socialize and personally interact with their clients. He also told us what his goals are after the election which is to be the state minister.

We then assisted Anne with the preparation for the election. We had to sort out bags and posters for each voting area; each bag contains a pair of scissors, a “John Nguyen- Liberal for Chisholm” poster and flyers to be placed around the area on the day of the election.

She informed us that even if we were overseas in another country, we could still vote. For example there will be several voting places in Berlin in Germany, New York in United states and other cities, however the cities must reach a certain amount of Australian residents.

August 26, 2013
by torid

The Chicken Experts Week 4

On the 19th of August, Tori, Luke, Sarah, Josh and Mr Dennis went to our inquiry buisness to ask questions. But this week we unfortunately didn’t get to talk to Carrie (who owns the shop) who normally comes to answer the questions. She was sadly sick and her partner who owns the shop was very busy cooking and cleaning to prepare for the shop before a 10:30 am open.

To make the best out of our visit we decided to take lots of photos of their shop and their achievements. After getting lots of photos we decided to start planning how we were going to present at our big inquiry expo.

Altogether we had lots of fun taking photos and talking about the presenting part of our big project. We all can’t wait to meet up with Carrie again next week.

By Tori, Luke, Sarah and Josh

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